Ugarit, the Akkadians, and Abraham


Ugarit was accidentally re-discovered in the year 1928, when a poor farmer accidentally opened an old tomb while trying to plow a field.  When archaeologists began digging, they discovered an ancient Akkadian city called Ugarit.

While unearthing the city of Ugarit, archaeologists uncovered 4 libraries of ancient cuneiform tablets.  These tablets have shed new light on Caananite religion and mythology, and on later religious texts like the Torah and the Old Testament.

One interesting Biblical tie-in is Abraham.  Abraham is said to have come from Ur, which most people know was originally a Sumerian city.  What most people don’t know is that Sumeria was conquered by Sargon of Akkad around 2350 BC, and Ur remained under Akkadian rule until it’s destruction in 2004 BC, which means that the Akkadian religion was the predominant mythology during the time of Abraham.

The ancient mythological religion of the Akkadians included a chief God El, who ruled over a pantheon of lesser gods known as the Elohim.  El was often depicted as a bull.

I have another post planned later this week, which outlines through the Bible, how Israel or the”People of El” go from originally  worshipping El the creator god and head of the Akkadian pantheon to Yhwh during the time of Moses.

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